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Name: Robert Yannetta
Robert Yannetta is a founding member.
Gender:Male Drow Bunneh
NaNoWriMo: NaNo profile.
Type of Writer:Fantasy, SciFi, Anthro
Started writing:EARLY!

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A story with mystical elements.


General writing discussion and chatter which doesn't fit anywhere else.


A story intended to frighten or induce horror in its readers.


A friendly community for meeting other writers, come and say hello!


For participants in the National Novel Writing Month.


A forum for news, support and suggestions related to PangurPad.

Science Fiction

Speculative fiction that uses scientific understanding to explain the universe that it takes place in.

Writer's Block

Having trouble finding your muse?

From Robert Yannetta's Website:

Biography of Robert Yannetta

International bestselling author of high fantasy, D&D, drow and anthro novels, science and speculative fiction. Battling Stage IV cancer since 2006.

Bunneh; A.K.A. Darkness Tigerpaw

Founding member and FIRST paying subscriber of Pangurpad. I consider myself one of its biggest supporters!

Visit my website if you'd like to follow me via social media. I tweet to excess.


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